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What does Modest mean?

At The Bridal Store we have the largest stock of modest wedding dresses in the UK, these largly serve the many religious communities out there that require modest dressing, but what does that actually mean? Well typically Modest means a higher neckline, lower hem lines and a sleeve, however each community has a different definition. For example, the Jewish Orthadox community need their clothes to have a high neck and back line, skirts that come below the knee cap and sleeves that come to the wrist. They often call this Tznuit, which describes the character trait of modesty and also discretion. Whereas members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (sometimes referred to as Mormon or LDS) requite a cap sleeve at the very least. Its suggested that hemlines of skirts or shorts should come around the knee and a higher neckline that doesn't show much cleavage and a high backline. These differing meanings to different religious communities often leave members of the communities feeling frustrated when trying to shop. Imagine wanting a Boho wedding dress, only to be shown princess ballgowns and sales assistants not understanding the difference! Traditional shops just don't cater to the modest requirements and many in these communities feel pushed aside, shamed and uncomfortable on shopping trips.
As a member of the LDS community myself I understand the importance all of our religious brides, no matter the community they come from, place on keeping promises made to God and dressing modestly. This is why we have worked so hard to bring our modest lines to the UK. Shopping for regular clothes is hard enough and we feel every bride deserves to be able to go wedding dress shopping hassle free. Our brides come from all across the UK and Ireland in order to try on our dresses and have that special boutique experience.

At the Bridal Store we also understand that our religious brides tend to have quicker engagements, lasting just 3-6 months. We work with our suppliers both Allure and Monica Loretti to offer many solutions such as rush cuts or transferring from American warehouses (where there is always modest dresses in stock!) to ensure these timelines can be met. Since opening, I haven't yet met a bride that I can't help! Please contact us to let us know your wedding date and find out how we can help you!

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